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equinova Keranelle Liquid 250 ml bottle

To promote hoof, hair and coat condition
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Brittle hooves and a dull coat are an indication of an insufficient supply of important additives, such as biotin, methionine and trace elements.

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Nurture the beauty and strength of your horse with our premium Hoof and Coat Supplement. Carefully crafted to enhance hoof health and promote a luxurious, shiny coat, our supplement is a trusted choice among horse owners and trainers who want their equine companions to shine both inside and out. 

Key Benefits:


Key Ingredients:

A high level of biotin in the feed promotes a good coat structure and supports horn stability. The organism can form keratin from the added methionine, which is the main component of hair and horn. Organic trace elements such as zinc, iron and manganese (in form of chelates) cover such deficiencies and promote healthy coat and hoof growth.


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