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equinova Sedamag Liquid 250 ml

For the support of nervous horses
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equinova Sedamag Powder 1.5 kg bucket Controls Nervousness  with Fast Calming Effect while it Stops Fidgetiness. 

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In stressful situations, in conjunction with the amino acid tryptophan, Sedamag supports the horses’ nervous resilience. A great supply of water-soluble vitamins compensates for imbalances in the feed under high loads.

Key Benefits:

Controls Nervousness | Fast Calming Effect | Stops Fidgetiness 

Key Ingredients:

The bulk element magnesium has to be added to the feed on a daily basis as it is required for the functioning of the animals‘ nerves and muscles. In connection with the ami- no acid tryptophan, it improves horses‘ nervous resilience in stressful situations. Sufficient water-soluble vitamins compensate for nutritional imbalances when a horse is exposed to excess stress.


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