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Hooves & Coat Supplement for horses
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Bifid H2Hoof contains biotin, zinc, methionine and other nutrients for healthy hoof horns and hair. Suitable for horses with hoof & coat problems.

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Nurture the beauty and strength of your horse with our premium Hoof and Coat Supplement. Carefully crafted to enhance hoof health and promote a luxurious, shiny coat, our supplement is a trusted choice among horse owners and trainers who want their equine companions to shine both inside and out. 

Key Benefits:

Vibrant Coat | Healthy Hooves | Natural Ingredients | Improved Skin Health

Key Ingredients:

Our Hoof and Coat Supplement contains a precise blend of essential nutrients, including biotin, zinc, methionine, and other nutritionally rich ingredients designed to optimise coat shine and hoof strength.

1 review for H2Hoof

  1. Ellie (verified owner)

    fast delivery, my horse’s coat is shining and healthy after using this supplement

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