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Brewer's yeast for horses so that everything stays in balance
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Original Höveler BT-Hefe Press is a nutritionally valuable supplementary feed for horses – made possible by the concentrated content of brewer’s yeast and spent grain . Dried brewer’s spent grain is extremely rich in raw fiber, brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamin B and keeps the natural colon flora in balance.

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Natural product brewer’s yeast

The sensitive active ingredients of the natural product brewer’s yeast remain fully biologically effective in Original BT-Hefe Press due to the gentle drying at low temperatures. The risk of digestive disorders can be minimised with additional doses of Original BT-Hefe Press to the normal ration. Natural amino acids, fatty acids, numerous vitamins as well as quantitative and trace elements make BT-Hefe Press an important supplementary feed that leads to more coat shine and better hoof structure in the long term. Original BT-Hefe Press creates a basis for high performance in sports, breeding and other stressful situations. The pellet form ensures dust-free administration and prevents allergic reactions in the respiratory tract from occurring.


Brewer’s spent grain, brewer’s yeast, extruded linseed, wheat bran, calcium carbonate, molasses, dextrose, sodium chloride

Ingredients and digestibility

digestible crude protein per kg: 234 g
digestible energy per kg OS: 12.1 MJ
digestible energy per kg DM: 13.8 MJ crude
protein: 29.00%
crude fibre: 9.00%
crude ash: 10.00%
crude fat: 8.00 %
starch content: 5.30%
sugar content: 3.60%

Set elements

Calcium: 1.60%
Phosphorus: 0.80%
Magnesium: 0.20%
Sodium: 0.30%

Nutritional additives per kg

80,000 IU vitamin A (3a672a), 3,000 IU vitamin D3 (3a671),
600 mg vitamin E (3a700)


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