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HÖVELER REFORMINPLUS 4 kg | 10 kg | 25 kg

Vitaminised mineral feed for any ration
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Original Höveler REFORMIN PLUS was designed based on scientific and practical findings to close supply gaps in daily feed. As a vitamin and mineral supplement, Original REFORMIN PLUS provides a balanced and healthy supply for your horse. It is not uncommon for the usual rations to have significant deficiencies in the supply of minerals and vitamins. The basic feed used often also has location-related deficiencies in numerous trace elements (e.g. selenium, copper, iodine, etc.).

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The original REFORMIN PLUS formula supports all metabolic processes in the animal’s body.

The horses’ vitality and performance depend largely on their needs-based care. That’s why Original REFORMIN PLUS should be an integral part of every feed ration – especially in phases in which the entire metabolic processes are intensified. These include, among other things, periods of high stress during sport, pregnancy and foal rearing.


Calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, wheat germ, wheat flour, wheat bran, brewer’s yeast, magnesium oxide, soybean oil

Ingredients and digestibility

Digestible crude protein per kg: 37 g
Crude protein: 7%
Crude ash: 61%
Starch content: 7.39%
Sugar content: 2.00%

Set elements

Calcium: 14.20%
Phosphorus: 5.00%
Magnesium: 1.50%
Sodium: 5.00%

Fat-soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin A (3a672a): 600,000 iU
Vitamin D3 (3a671): 60,000 iU
Vitamin E (3a700): 5000 mg

Water-soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin B1 (3a821): 100 mg
Vitamin B2: 160 mg
Vitamin B6: 125 mg
Vitamin B12: 1,250 mcg
Pantothenic acid: 370 mg
Niacin (3a314): 800 mg
Folic acid (3a316): 19 mg
Vitamin C (3a300): 4,000 mg
Biotin (3a880): 20,000 mcg
Choline chloride (3a890): 5,100 mg

Trace elements per kg

Iron (3b103): 1,300 mg
Zinc (3b603): 3,900 mg
Zinc as glycine zinc chelate, hydrate: (3b607): 900 mg
Copper (3b405): 600 mg Iodine
(3b202): 25 mg
Manganese (3b502): 1,500 mg
Selenium (3b801): 18 mg


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